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Welcome to Flourish Aromatherapy— a resource for natural beauty, hands-on workshops, essential oils education, formulation, and recipe development, plus and hand-crafted therapeutic aroma products.

I have always had a love of scent and fragrances. Scents are so powerful. It sets the environment, it shifts your mood, it launches memories and feelings of transcendence.

As a natural beauty expert, formulator, NAHA.org certified clinical aromatherapist and 500-hour Certified Aromatherapy Teacher (500 CAT), I take a functional and progressive approach to Aromatherapy ensuring the incorporation of the body, mind, and an individual’s environment into my therapeutic method.

I teach corporate wellness, aromatherapy workshops, formulation, natural product creation, essential oil education, and natural beauty. I’m also the Aromatherapist in Residence at the Amityville Apothecary

I consult to nutrition, wellness, and natural beauty companies, aiding them in the creation of their recipes, product formulations, training and development, marketing strategy, business development, digital therapeutics, digital and distance learning, creation of aromatherapy courses, and through providing editing and clinical accuracy to their product data sheets. Interested in learning more? Email Hello@JillGriffinConsulting.com

“Smell was the first of our senses, and it was so successful that in time the small lump of olfactory tissue atop the nerve cord grew into a brain. Our cerebral hemispheres were originally buds from the olfactory stalks. We think because we smelled.” –Excerpt from A Natural History of the Senses, by Diane Ackerman