Welcome to Flourish Aromatherapy— a resource for natural beauty, hands-on workshops, essential oils education, formulation, and recipe development, plus and hand-crafted therapeutic aroma products.

I have always had a love of scent and fragrances. Scent is so powerful. It sets the environment, it shifts your mood, it launches memories and feelings of transcendence.

After I experienced a head injury I found that many fragrances provoked a headache or had an unfortunate cloying effect. Unwilling to give up my love of scent, I set out to learn about botanical products, plant-based skin, and body care products and studied formulation.  

Today, I am a certified aromatherapy educator and clinical aromatherapist with a passion for teaching the therapeutic benefits of plants.  I offer various consulting services, corporate wellness programs, wellness retreats, and one-on-one consultations. 

“Smell was the first of our senses, and it was so successful that in time the small lump of olfactory tissue atop the nerve cord grew into a brain. Our cerebral hemispheres were originally buds from the olfactory stalks. We think because we smelled.” –Excerpt from A Natural History of the Senses, written by Diane Ackerman