Working with Artisan Essential Oils

Throughout my essential oils and aromatherapy education, my mentor’s have stressed the importance of choosing, local, regional and/or artisan essential oils in my products. I wanted to talk about the emphasis on why we are so excited to be hosting a series of aromatherapy classes on Long Island using only artisanal essential oils. More info on the workshop can be found here:

Why Artisanal Essential Oils

Knowing who cultivates, harvests, and distils your essential oils is as important as knowing your local farmer. We all know the appreciation we feel when we support a local farm stand. We know the farmer and we are supporting their heritage and their love of the land.  There is a certain energy and vitality that one feels in the harvest that is savored in every bite.

We trust that the farmer focus’ on the quality of their products as well as crop selection to ensure a long season of availability. Like wine, your favorite Sauvignon Blanc may come from one vineyard and your favorite Cab Franc comes from another. But like anything from the earth, there is a finite amount available within a season. And when the season is over, you eagerly await next year when your local farm reopens. Your essential oils distillation and selection is similar to the farm produce experience. You want to know your source. Supporting local and regional distillers plus working with a variety of distillers or brands is vital for maintaining the energic and authentic nature of essential oils.

Some of my favorite distillers are below. Dropped me a note or let me know on our FB page some of your favorites Flourish Aromatherapy FB Page